I Missed Home!

When I was in Compostela for four days, I so missed home and especially my youngest daughter. How I wish I just brought her there but I just can’t, I mean Jm and I need to get up as early as 5:00 a.m., to meet her coach at the quarters where they stayed. And geez there were many mosquitoes at the Pension House that I rented, I couldn’t sleep on the first night that we stayed there. The next day, I roamed around at the market near the quarters to buy a mosquito spray, I went back at the Pension House while Jm stayed the whole day at the quarters, I sprayed the whole room then I went out to have my lunch, I went back there, again to spray one more time, just to make sure that when we sleep that night, there will be no more mosquitoes biting us. I talked to F like once a day or sometimes not, when I called her on the phone it makes me missed her more so I skipped for one day. But my husband keeps on telling to at least called F as he senses that F is missing us as well. Anyway, I am here and I will make sure the next time Jm and I will travel for a competition; I would probably bring her wherever we are.

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