Swimming Lesson On Summer

It has been two days now that my youngest daughter is learning how to swim. I invited our coach to the clubhouse located inside the village and asked him if he could teach F there since it is just near at home. I also enrolled my nephew for a swimming lesson together with my youngest. F would listen at first but later she won’t anymore, yesterday she had fun making bubbles in the water since her coach asked her to but the problem was she would burst out the water directly at her coach and then she would giggle.

Today, she was listening intently at first and she would ask, “like this, kick like this?” But when some of the kids arrived to swim at the kiddie pool, she was focused at all and she transferred to the kiddie pool. The funny thing was she would teach those kids in the kiddie pool, the same thing that her coach taught her. We could not stop to laugh; she is just a smart girl.

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