Thrilled And Excited

Today was the schedule of our flight for Clark. F was so excited and thrilled when she saw the plane in front of her. I mean don’t get me wrong she was already on a plane before but she was only a year old at that time, her father, my husband was here for a vacation and he took us in Manila. I guess she already forgot her trip before so when she saw the plane she was amazed, she kept on telling me it was so big. We also let her see what’s down there when we already took off; she told me it was a great feeling. She was never afraid, unlike me, I really don’t have the guts to look in the window and enjoy the beauty of the nature down there. When we almost landed, she complained of her ear, I just told her to chew as if she was chewing a gum and she followed later she was happy gaily as we went out from the Clark airport.

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