A Place For Us To Retire

When I think of Idaho I used to think of potatoes. Not so much anymore, now I think about the beautiful scenery, Boise State football, the Grand Tetons and the Snake River. My husband told me how the Grand Tetons got their name but I will not repeat that story here. I think he might be pulling my leg.

Well Idaho looks like a fun place if you enjoy outdoor activities and it looks like a pleasant and peaceful place to settle. I mean my husband is looking at retirement soon and what we want is a place that is peaceful and has good schools for our daughters. That is why Teton Valley Idaho has drawn my interest. The scenery is great and I can experience snow every winter. I like the looks of the homes I saw when looking on the net at Real Estate in Teton Valley.

We are also looking for a place that will give a since of belonging and community. I think we can find it in the Teton Valley. I know we have a lot more research to do before we settle on a place to retire too, but I want to have four real seasons, not just raining and hot and muggy or hot and dry but a real winter, summer, fall and spring. I know I will get all of those in the Teton Valley.

What I need to do now, is do more research on the schools and what activities I an involve the girls in, then convince my husband to take me there on our next vacation.

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