Day 1 At West Central

This was the first day of the swimming competition held in West Central here in Dagupan. The audience area was so hot, fan and umbrella could not sustain with the dreading heat of the sun. Nevertheless, my throat is getting so dry but that was okay as long as I could watch my daughter striving so hard to achieve her goal, the sweat all over my face was all worth it.

My daughter number of event is 6 on that day, when I heard the emcee called her number to prepare on the ready bench. I have also prepared my camera to take a video of her.

After she dove, she went ahead than of her opponents but later a girl who is taller than her swims fast than her and then there’s another one. When they swim back for 100M, my daughter was already on the third spot. She was already so tired plus the heat of the sun made her more exhausted yet she swim hard to remain on the spot and to finish the game. She was on the third spot for hit 1 and the game is up to hit 4.

Although she was ranked 24 in the overall result, I am still so proud of her, it was not bad for a first timer in fact she shortened her time and that is enough for me.

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