Day 2 in West Central

My other teammates don’t have an even that time so Jm and I have to prepare early in the morning so she will not be late for her warm up. Her other teammate, since his event will be on Friday yet, he required to have a warm up everyday. I bought two eggs last night to have it boil this morning, I forgot to boil her an egg yesterday and she only has a piece of bread and a hot choco. I let her take one egg this morning before we went out and I just told her to eat the other one after her warm up.

It was still so hot in the bleacher, the people could not take to stay their anymore. Good thing the facilitator announced that we could now enter where the athletes are staying and we could use the bleacher inside the people we just don’t have to cheer so the officials will not be disturbed.

The event number of my daughter this time is 22, as usual I had my camera ready and when her number was called, I was already at the bleacher outside; yeah I know it was so hot but I don’t care as it has the best view when you take a video of the swimmers. I was already aiming my camera to her, she saw me and gave me a sign that she was nervous, I just signed her to relax and fixed her goggles so it won’t remove when she swims.

She dove perfectly, thank GOD never she was experienced of a DQ or disqualified status. Her event now is a 200 Individual Medley, the first stroke she would do is butterfly, she tried so hard to catch up to her opponent, when she does the backstroke, she was now behind but when she does the breast stroke, she is now leveled with the one who got first from the two strokes, but when they done the freestyle, her opponent left her while she was still striving to finish it. She got the 2nd place on her hit this time and she is ranked 21 for the overall result. As I’ve said she had shortened her time at least, good swim Ate!

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