Internet Connected

I am just so happy that I was able to connect an Internet with my Smartbro USB. This was failed at Compostela during DAVRAA; I was so frustrated back then, to think I have so many tasks I needed to do at that time. But today and this place, I am  just so lucky. Everything works for me now; I was able to chat with my husband without a hassle at all. This morning, after I chatted my husband online, we fetched our kids at their quarters, it is not that I don’t trust the coaches, it is just I am more comfortable if my daughter is with me besides the reason why we are here is because of them so what’s the use of getting a room for us to stay if she can’t stay with us anyway? And besides Jm is already sending me message if when would I fetched her there but when we arrived at the quarters she changed her mind and wanted to stay over. Geez kids, sometimes they don’t know what they want in life.

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