My Daughter’s Travel Experience

This noon was the flight of my eldest daughter for Manila; she was my textmate since last night as she stayed in my friend’s house at home. I guess she was so happy that finally she was able to sleep at a friend’s house. Of course, I have to allow her because we were not there anymore because our flight was ahead of her. When my friend sends her to the airport she was so excited, it was her first time to be ever on the plane as an athlete. She seated beside a friend name Bea, she told me she was not near the window but her friend let her see the view because they were changing seat. They arrived in Manila around 3:00 p.m., and a bus will take them here in Dagupan. She was beside a coach, and the whole trip, it was a never ending message for me about her experience from the plane until they arrived in their quarters.

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