Papa P and A

In Davao, we don’t usually seen celebrities and the like, more often we’ve only watch them on TV. And as we don’t usually go to concerts or mall show when they have it in there, so there were more likely a few times that we have seen celebrities in person.

Today, as we walked going to LRT for Pedro Gil, we noticed some guards trying to tell us to hurry up if we go to the Pedro Gil station, we were the one who walked that over pass going to our destination when I notice a group of people, one has taking a picture of a certain person. I thought it was some politicians in the city but when we are already near, we’ve seen Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban. As in we were so surprised, that was the first time I have seen them both in person. Sister Merlyn was just behind and signed them of Papa P she hurriedly greet them and Piolo said hello back to them while Angelica smiled at them. That was a very innermost happiness, hahaha! Sister could not contain of her feelings even my daughter felt so delighted.

Thus, at least all the sweats while we walked the long overpass were all worth it. That was so unexpected, how I wish to have my camera ready so I could take a picture of them but I was like stunned. Wahhh!

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