Just Had An Earthquake This Morning

Just this morning around 10:00 a.m, I could feel the computer table shaking, I told my sister right away and asked her to carry F while I’ll open our kitchen door for them. The earthquake was only short but I was scared, I had a trauma of an earthquake before when I was still in high school. It feels like it was the end of everything, the surroundings are so dark while everything is shaking, my two sisters were holding the cabinet so it won’t dropped in the floor while I tried so hard to reach out our doorknob so I can open it.When the earthquake was done, we were still in shock, it was the first day of the Misa de Gallo, and my other sister just remembered it so she said maybe it is better to attend the mass.

It was only 3:00 a.m. but the church was all packed with people, I was still sleepy but traumatized with happen earlier and I don’t think I could still carry on with that kind of incident especially now that I’m a mother of two. I pray to GOD to always protect us from any harm especially when we are sleeping at night.

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