We Need Four Chairs

I have so many things I need to buy here in the house, but I don’t know when can I buy it. I wanted to buy a chair for our dining table because those chairs that we have here now are already broken, it could not stand anymore without swinging the one who will seat it. Thus, definitely my husband could not seat because it won’t be still, it would swing him out. I thought those plastic chairs are affordable but for one chair it cost me P500.00 already yet I know I will still have to buy four chairs for my dining table.

Maybe when the money that I have withdraws from my paypal will arrive then I can buy four chairs next week, crossing my fingers to this project.

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  1. Janine says:

    hi ms. anne, im a filipino with a homeschooling website.. i was hoping kung pwedeng mag guest post sa blog mo? Thanks!

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