Dog’s Bite?

I was doing my usual routine here in my computer when my sister told me about my eldest daughter yesterday, she thinks that Jm was bitten by a dog, although she said, it was only a scratch. Jm was still at school when I heard that news, she never even told me when I got home last night. So I called her on her phone and asked her about what happen to her yesterday, she said that she didn’t know if it was a bite or only a scratch from a dog’s paw but I didn’t slipped any chances. It was a good thing also that they were only spending half day at school. When she arrived from school even though I didn’t finish my online activities yet, I told her to eat her lunch and change her clothes and will be off to the Doctor so to make sure if it was really just a scratch.

When we were there, the Doctor was also not sure of the cuts but he told me to just observe the dog because he can’t inject her with the anti-rabies vaccination for we were not sure if it was a bite. But he gave us an antibiotic ointment for her cuts.

I was heck worried though because of so many rabies cases that I heard from the news, there’s one that the dog only licked the wound of the kid, the kid got infected and died from it. It is so much better to prevent it than to cure it, so I guess I was right to send my daughter to the clinic. But I reprimanded her not to play with puppies again especially when the dog does not a vaccination yet.

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One Response to “Dog’s Bite?”

  1. Rose says:

    Over here, dog owners are required to have their dogs a complete series of shots or else you get sued millions if your dog bite someone. We have three dogs now and it isn’t easy when it comes to expenses wahhh but it’s fun to have them.