Kidnappings in Manila

When we were in Manila for almost a month, my sisters and brother-in-law keeps on reminding me to really take extra careful if I would bring F to the city or to the malls because they heard a lot of kidnappings in the news and the victim was always toddler like F’s age. That’s why sometimes F get so irritated when we are holding her tight and not letting her go. I always told my sister who was with us during the whole trip to hold F tight even though sometimes she would struggle and there are times that I was the one holding her when she wanted to let go of her Auntie.

I once read it in the newspaper about two siblings who were just playing in the tennis area, a girl who is like 10 years old and her young brother who is only 4 years old. The girl was just playing in the tennis while her brother was just sitting down when suddenly there was number of men who came to get his brother, the girl ran fast towards the bandits and hit them with his tennis racket while the boy is struggling to let go, the guy who was holding the boy let go of him and they went immediately towards the van. The siblings was able to glanced at the van and noticed that there are some kids inside the van handcuffs and has a cloth tightening on their mouths. The van went away and left them at the tennis court.

When I read this on the newspaper, I was terrified with how safe our kids even just outside our house. I always told F to do not talk to the strangers when we are on the street but she always makes fun and would point somebody and asked me “them, them, Mama strangers” sometimes the people around us will just smile especially when we were on the train and I told her that. When they would look at F she would immediately say “Hi guys!”

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