Last Father’s Day

Finally, all is quiet here now. When I just finished freshen up a while ago, I heard my youngest daughter was crying. I went to the bedroom immediately to check her and then when I carried her, her two Ate were laughing so hard, they said F is so cute when she told me things. Moreover, I pacified her and told her to go to bed, in which she followed. She had a small talk yet with her Ate Riel and then dozed off. So here I am trying to update this blog.

Although I was disappointed this morning when I heard news from my husband but I just let it passed by. I mean, I know he loves me and we will be together soon, I am holding with that thought. Last Father’s day, him and F chatted online, and they had exchange facial expressions and showed each other stuffed toys, kitchen toys and books. Nothing could melt my heart seeing those gestures of my husband and our daughter. Jm was able to greet him too, she supposedly wants to call her Daddy but I stopped her and told her we will just wait for Daddy to call us. When he did, Jm asked for the phone right away and greeted him a Happy Father’s Day and told him thank you.

My husband had a very nice day, when he was able to talk to his little monsters and we had a very good night sleep when we log out. It was only a simple celebration for the two lovers who are miles apart yet our love keeps stronger and stronger everyday.

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