The Baguio Chinese Temple

This is the Chinese temple of Baguio, we visited the temple during our 2 days staying in Baguio. It was only 2 days but we almost tour the whole place, and I found the place so amazing. There are many Chinese Temples here in the Philippines, there’s one I know in Cebu but we have never given a chance to visit the temple because it was only me and my daughter who went there and they said it was too far and that we should be in a group because there are only few public transportations that will passed by in the area.

In Baguio, the Chinese temple is just along the highway, so there will be no problem if you go to the temple because there is a lot of public vehicle that would pass by the area.





Ruby Tuesday 2

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4 Responses to “The Baguio Chinese Temple”

  1. what a beautiful Chinese temple Momi Anne 🙂 looks like you had a fun time in Dagupan and the other close city 🙂 Dropping by from RT2

  2. Momi Anne, followed your Networkedblog and like your FB, hope you do the same

    Momi Jess

  3. A beautiful, magical design! The red is certainly the prominent colour!

  4. I like Chinese temples because they employ so much red!

    Battered Red Door