They Treat Me As One

When I was in college, my friend’s family treated me as a member of their family and since I don’t have parents anymore, her parents became my parents as well. They always tell their neighbors that I am the youngest sibling. I miss them though, as it has been a while that I was not able to visit their house, my friend is also busy and I also don’t have the time to go there to visit.,

Now, I met the family of my friend C, from the very beginning of our friendship, her family treat me as their family. Her mother told me once that she really love me as her daughter because I also cared for their daughter. I tell you, it was so good to my ears to hear that.,

It is a good feeling that aside from my family, one family out there is extending their love and care for me. I am just blessed with friends and I am thankful to GOD to have met them.

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