How The Professionals Unblock Drains

When you’ve called out a plumber or drain service expert in the past to unblock your drains you may have wondered just how they do it? Truth be told there is no definitive answer to the age old question of how to unblock a drain. In the majority of cases a plumber will know of a number of solutions to get the job done.

The drainage expert’s first task is to determine the cause of the problem. From there they can decide on the best course of action to alleviate the blockage. Most plumbers worth their salt will have a range of tools for any given situation. The blockage may call for a simple plunger or something more powerful such as a high-pressure water jet.

One set of equipment often used in attempt to unblock drains or sewers is drain rods. A drain rod is a series of interconnected stiff rods that provide flexibility due to the way in which they screw together end to end. These rods are often made from heavy-duty polypropylene, though more high-end rods are made from high tensile steel. The interconnectors are usually brass or steel, with cadmium plating to prevent corrosion.

The drain rod is inserted into the chamber where the blockage is suspected and manoeuvred to dislodge whatever it is that is causing the impasse. A vigorous back and forth manoeuvre or a clockwise twist is often used to clear the blockage.

Drainage emergencies are usually caused by fats from cooking, tree roots or leaves in outside drain systems. In more serious instances it may be that ground movement prompted by vehicles, subsidence or just age that cause a problem. All of these are easily fixable by a qualified engineer.

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