Remodeling The Garage

I always park my car outside our gate because this garage is too small and I don’t want to make it big because we just rented this house. So when I park, I always run the car up to the edge of the road from the block where I would turn left, I do that so that I will be no longer move backward or forward when I have to park the car. But last few days, I have a hard time parking the car; I could not run the car to the edge of the road because the car of our neighbor was outside of their gate too. So their car was behind mine when I park, their garage construction is on going so I guess it will take days when they have to park outside of their gate. Sigh, good for them they are remodeling their garage already but mine, I really have to have my own house so I can remodel it the way I want. When could that happen? I will have to wish for it from the wishing star.

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  1. mabuti safe sa inyo mag off street parking,walang nag-i-scratch ng sasakyan mo.

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