Eager To Learn To Play The Guitar

My eldest daughter wished to learn how to play guitar but she did not sign up for a guitar lesson at school because she was afraid I will get mad if she would sign up since it has the enrollment fee, she wanted to ask my permission first but that was already the last for the sign up, she was late to know about the enrollment for guitar lesson. When I fetched her that day, she told me about the enrollment and I told her she should have sign up because it was alright for me for her to enroll that activity. I know so well of her eagerness to learn the guitar but as I’ve said it is already too late because the club won’t accept any members anymore.  But even so, she still want to own a b1520 pro pro in the preparation for the next summer, I promised her to enroll this time. She was so happy to know about it and very excited for the next summer season. I know she will be very busy then but she should manage her time if she really want to learn because aside from her guitar lesson, she should also devote her time to her training. Oh well, that’s her choices, I am just here to support her.

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