Had Four Chairs In Our Back Inside My Car

Finally, I was able to buy 4 chairs already for our dining table. After the belly station, I immediately hit the road going to the mall so even though I know that the mall will closed in no time at that time, I still drove fast to the mall so I could still catch it open. I hurriedly went to the home wares, good thing some more new chairs arrived and now they are even more affordable so without any hesitation I called somebody to help me lift 4 chairs up and paid them immediately at the cashier counter. Of course, I need a staff to help me bring it to the parking area, I thought it will not fit on my passenger’s seat but it did so without any hassle at all I had my 4 chairs at the back of me inside my car. When I fetched Jm, I just told her to sit beside me in the front seat, because I had things in our back. She did not hesitate at all, she usually don’t sit in the front seat because I don’t allow her to sit there but anyway except on that night.

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