Homes Are Gone Because Of The Typhoon

When my husband was affected by a storm last year, one tree fell on his roof, which causes of some holes, I guess there were like 4 or 5 holes that he had to fixed. He even sent me a picture of it and I could imagine how hard it was for him to take out those trees that covered in the roof.

Yesterday, the typhoon Gener is devastating those houses that near in a seawall, good thing that there are not much casualties compared to what happen in Ondoy yet still there are families whose houses were gone because it was damaged by the wind and debris that the typhoon Gener brought. In the news, a fishing vessel was loosened to its chain and was landed to the houses near it. Good thing that the families who lives at those houses were already evacuated. But still they are crying for help as their homes were gone and damaged because of the typhoon. One woman there was trying to get some pieces of woods out from the houses that were damaged so she can use it to build a house again for her kids.

Now the typhoon is on its way to Taiwan, it said to be strong. I am still thankful, we still should be thankful because even though how strong the typhoon is, we are still more prepared this time otherwise we could hear more dead people in the news right now.

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One Response to “Homes Are Gone Because Of The Typhoon”

  1. Actually kahit wala na si Gener,sobrang maulan pa rin ito.