Sink And Toilet Cleaned

Yesterday since it was Sunday, I was the one who cleaned the sink and the toilet, it was just last week that our sink got clogged, my sister who knew somebody that could repair it called our neighbor immediately to have it repair. The repairman put a small screen in the sinkhole to prevent some stuff to get into the pipe. But lately, I notice that the screen does not look good in the sinkhole, it would mess up sometimes so I might replace that in the coming weeks. On the other note, at least the sink does not clogged at all, that is the most important.

Now I am a happy SAHM, I had accomplished what I need to accomplish, I have the toilet and the sink whitened, although yes I need to buy the toilet bowl cleaner the one that I just used yesterday was the Zonrox, it whitens thought but it’s gone now and my sister still needs it for her laundry.

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