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I Only Want The Best For Them

Well we have a small family problem. It is improving but it is still something that bothers me. I have two daughters, one 4 the other eleven. So one of them has a night time problem, guess which one? Well the older daughter will sometimes wet the bed at night. I mean it is kind of cyclical, but she has never gone over a month without at least one episode of incontinence.


So I need to buy bed pads and sheets for incontinence as well as seek professional help for her. She is a good girl and tries hard but there are times when she sleeps so deeply she just cannot wake up and go to go to the bathroom. Looking for bed pads and sheets for her problem I came across the Parentgiving website. It has what I need to help me help my daughter.

I want to be a good parent and to be supportive of her, but I also want to protect the investment we have made in her bedroom furniture. Being able to keep her mattress dry, will also help keep odors away will give her a healthier sleeping environment and promote good hygiene. I love both my kids and only want the best for them.

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