When Hubby Is Not Around

We heard lots of news about massacre or murder at home. And mostly the killings take place when the husband is not around or working abroad.

Yesterday, my friends talked about this massacre in the north and the suspect was their male housekeeper who served the family for 8 years already. The worst was they suspected that the mother was raped because she was already naked when the police retrieved her body, no one was left alive, including their kids and their uncle has been stated “Dead On The Spot”. The suspect killed himself after he murdered the family.

What to do to have your home safe?

If your hubby is working abroad, when you have to hire somebody to fix your broken pipes or sink, or bathroom, you have to put your husband’s pair of shoes in the bathroom or just outside your door to let them know that you have, a man in the house. You also have to hire someone whom you know at least but still you should not tell him about your home or number of people who are staying in the house.

If you have to hire a yaya or a housekeeper, you should take a picture of her so you have something to show to the police when you have to report it to them when circumstances like robbery happen in the house.

In my case, I have three locks in our door both kitchen and in the living room. I also have double lock in the bedroom, so if the intruder can get inside the house, we can still have the chance to call the police in our mobile phone or in the landline and yes our landline and computer ,are also placed in the bedroom.

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