Not Like Ours

I was driving the other night at diversion road when I noticed someone crossing half of the street and went back to where he is from, I was like what was he doing? Was he playing? But when I passed by to where he walk back, it was nothing there but a cliff! It was raining at that time, I did not woke Jm up otherwise we will both get scared and besides she was too tired from her training.

On the other hand, my friend also experienced the same thing not in the diversion road though but in the clubhouse at the pool. She just dropped by her kids at the club house, when she noticed a woman from a wall, she was wearing white dress, she even exclaimed that the woman was beautiful only she realized that the wall does not have a door or gate, why did the woman came from there, she even move her car backward to check and so it was proven, it was not like ours indeed!

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