The Light Went Up And Down Over And Over Again

It was raining cats and dogs last night when we went home. We supposed to go to the pool for my daughter’s training but then just right after her tutor was finished, the rain poured so hard and so we went home instead.

On our way just near at home, we could see our neighbor’s electricity went out then it light again. Good thing we went home early last night because if we didn’t, my niece and my daughter will only be just at home because my sister will probably be on her home.

The electricity went out for number of times, I am sure this would increase my bill again. I know we just need to unplugged those wires, switch of the lights and do no turn the electricity on after like 5 minutes when the lights went up again. But when we are about to unplug those wires, the light went up and down and up again.

And this morning just before I turn the computer on, there’s an electricity outage again and when it went up, my router didn’t work, actually until now. I am using the Dell, I hope this will not slow down until I am finish here. I hope the electricity will be stable already.

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