To Live Longer

I wonder why our washing machine just give up in only 4 years while washing machine that we had before lasted for almost 10 years.

I just realized what’s wrong now. When I was the one using the previous washing machine, I always see to it that I don’t load so many dirty clothes at one time, and I always segregate the shirt, the shorts, the pants, the white one’s and the colored ones. I know it will take time to finish my laundry but that would help our clothes not to ruin or stretch that easy and it won’t damage the washing machine that easy as well.

I was not able to use the washing machine that lasted only for four years; my sister was the one who washed the clothes for us. And they put too much clothes that the motor could not even move freely because of its load. I just ignore them and look what happened now. With the washing machine I just bought recently I informed my sister the secret for the machine to  last longer. I even help washing our clothes now so I could check the volume of clothes to be put in there; I hope this washing machine that I just purchase will last for long, long years.

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