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My Eldest Is Attending A Party

She has been asking my permission for two weeks already, I was hesitant at first to let her; I am worried of her safety. A week after, she told me that the mom of her classmate will accompany her to the birthday venue, so I don’t have to worry about, I was still hesitant, I am still worried but sometimes we need to allow them, to let them do their thing so they can experience how to attend a party on their own. So yesterday I told her she can go but she needs to go home at 6:00 p.m., so we can go to the pool exactly as scheduled. She is okay with it, I will just text her where we could meet after the party.

I just can’t believe sometimes that she has grown so fast, next thing I know she will be a teenager already and would attend lots of parties but I still need to warn her and will not allow her sometimes. I still have to assure of her safety, after all I am still her mother.

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Tutor For My Youngest

My youngest daughter is very advance with her lesson, the thing is she can’t pronounce the words properly but she can differentiate and can identify the image in the picture. The writing is also hard for her, since we really don’t know what to do anymore; I hired someone to tutor her especially in writing. The tutor goes to our house every after class of my youngest, and now they just started the tutor, I could hear my daughter copying the pronunciation of her tutor. She argues sometimes but her tutor won’t let her win, Faith tried to manipulate her but I guess the tutor is not affected with her manipulation’s tactics. I am having fun time listening to them; my daughter’s voice is really music to my ear.

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Ready To Take Challenge

I already told my daughter that I’ll be going to downtown early yesterday so she would eventually get home without us. I just told her to diligent while at home and do not touch the gas stove when we are not around. I called her up while I was in downtown to make sure she already got home safe. She said she is already at home and just waiting for me to fetch her to send her to her tutor and training. After I paid our cable bill, I drove home immediately to get her. While she was at the tutor I was also engulfed with the book that I read, it is best if you carry books with you while you are waiting for your kids to finish their stuff so you will not get bored. We went home almost 11:00 p.m., I know it is already so late but what can I do, this is how our life is everyday. And this is me ready to take challenge just for her kids.

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A Thing For Women

Even though I don’t usually wear any jewelries yet deep inside of me I know I also want to own pair of earrings, necklaces and bracelet.

My birthday is coming and I want that jewelry from sterling silver jewelry, they have great design for silvers and since I am not that gold lover, silver then is definitely for me. In the contrary my engagement and wedding rings are both gold oh well on the second thought I really don’t have specific thing for jewelry but what I am certain is that jewelry is a thing for women. So maybe I want both but let us see of what my financier will recommend.

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