Family Fun Day

Last Saturday, we went to school so early again for Fea’s Family Fun day. It was so fabulously prepared by the school staffs, their family fun day was celebrated with so many games, and I joined the egg catching. I could still remember my husband and I almost won with this kind of game way back when we had our engagement party. We gave way to the other contestant since that was our engagement party it would be odd if we claim our prize with our own hosted party.

I was hopeful that my partner and I would win at school; I know I am good at it. But when I throw him the egg, it slipped on his hand and fell and hatched in the floor when it was landed. My partner said sorry, but I told him that was okay, lol no problem with me at all. I have so much fun with their family day; it was my first time to attend that kind of fun day mostly if I would attend to my eldest school. They don’t have foods to offer to the parents. Oh well, my eldest school does not have family day. So after the game, we had a fabulous lunch.

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