Gifts Ideas For My Friend Who Is Turning 50

I love to plan birthday parties.  Actually, it does not have to be a birthday party, but just any old kind of party.  But I birthday parties are my favorite.  I am always searching for new party games and ideas and what I have found on, has really give me some great ideas.

Now I have a friend who will be fifty this next month.  Don’t you think that celebrating my friends half century of life should be a special occasion?  I am in the process of planning a party for her.  I will have as much fun planning the party as I will in attending it.  Of course I want her 50th birthday to be a very special occasion.

What kind of 50th birthday ideas for friend can you think of?  Well, as I mentioned turning fifty is a significant event.  My husband was telling me that when he was working that when one of his co-workers turned fifty, they decorated their work area with black streamers and wore black arm bands.  It must have been a sight to see.

For this upcoming 50th an “Old Fart” mug might be a good gag gift.


Or maybe an maybe a T-shirt with the year of their birth.


Of course their will be cake and other good food to eat.  But what I will love most is seeing my friend laugh as she celebrates her 50th birthday.

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One Response to “Gifts Ideas For My Friend Who Is Turning 50”

  1. Oh, when I’m 50, I’d like to receive jewelry. I’m not much of a fan of jewelry now that I’m in my 20’s. Maybe by the time I turn 50 I’d be more careful of things and could probably keep jewels better. =)