My Eldest Is Attending A Party

She has been asking my permission for two weeks already, I was hesitant at first to let her; I am worried of her safety. A week after, she told me that the mom of her classmate will accompany her to the birthday venue, so I don’t have to worry about, I was still hesitant, I am still worried but sometimes we need to allow them, to let them do their thing so they can experience how to attend a party on their own. So yesterday I told her she can go but she needs to go home at 6:00 p.m., so we can go to the pool exactly as scheduled. She is okay with it, I will just text her where we could meet after the party.

I just can’t believe sometimes that she has grown so fast, next thing I know she will be a teenager already and would attend lots of parties but I still need to warn her and will not allow her sometimes. I still have to assure of her safety, after all I am still her mother.

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