Read A Book While Waiting

I finally found something I could be busy and at the same time having fun while waiting for my daughter when she is at her tutor or in Kumon or at the pool. My husband is actually the one who suggested for it a long time ago already but since I would get lazy at times, I didn’t take his advise.

You could also do it while you are waiting your transaction at the bank, paying your bills, or falling in a long line at the insurance company. Just don’t do this while you are driving, definitely a no way, oh well perhaps you can do this while you are riding a jeepney.

Do you have any idea what is this fun I am talking about?

Oh well, just simply grab a book in a bookshop and read. Yes, it only takes a book to have fun while waiting for those long lines, or when you are sending your daughter at their activities and you have nothing to do so instead of talking some gossips around, you may want to read a book.

There’s this book that I wanted to read for a long time now, it is just in my bookshelf receiving dusts and all that, waiting for me to pick it up. And finally, just two days ago, I took it from the bookshelf and started reading it and I am planning to finish it whether I like it or not.

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One Response to “Read A Book While Waiting”

  1. Jacki says:

    That’s one way to keep the hand and mind occupied. I also learned (personally) that reading helps us become healthier by diverting our attention from eating food most of the time. 🙂

    What types of books do you usually read? I like the self- improvement ones. What about you?