Very and Very

The SAHM here went to my youngest’s school to get her report card, I was so nervous along the way because I am worried of her grades. It is not that I don’t have trust on her, her exam’s score were okay though, they were all above average but some of her classmates got perfect on their exam and my daughter got only the perfect score in computer.

Anyway, the teacher offered me a seat as I approached. She asked me the name of the pupil and I told her the name of my youngest then she said “Ah the most behave pupil” and I was convinced.

Her grades were okay and as expected she got the highest grade in computer. The teacher informed me of my daughter’s behavior at school, like she is very talkative, very playful I noticed there’s always the “very word” I was relieved when she said she is very sweet too.

The teacher advised me to lessen of my daughter’s TV time and so as computer, we are trying hard now to follow that, and starting today she can only watch TV for one to two hours. I just hope I can be firm and would stick to the rule because sometimes when she says please???? Oh my heart would surely melt.

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