Best Gift For My Brother-In-Law

I don’t drink beer anymore ever since I have my second child, my husband is a moderate drinker as well. I could still remember him throwing a half of glass of beer when my brother-in-law handed him a glass of beer, and of course that was out of my brother-in-law’s knowledge. Inasmuch as my brother-in-law loves drinking he also loves to cook, yes I always called him to cook whenever there’s an occasion at home and after he cooked, he always heard praises from my guests. He always there when we need him even in fixing my computer he is there to attend the glitches and all that, so I was thinking maybe it is a good idea to give him a gift this Christmas, probably a beer brewing kit at would be the best gift for him since he loves to try different kind of beer. My sister, his wife will I guess not be happy with it and will despised me for giving him that, I just wished though that he will not abuse it and would drink moderately especially on Christmas, I remember they fought so hard on New Year because of his drinking habit. I am not saying he is a bad husband because he will just sleep when he has drunk but my sister would nag him leading them to fight. Anyway, I will just have to put a note on the greeting card so he will be cautious.

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