A Software That Could Speed Up Computer

My computer model is obsolete that’s why it is giving me now a headache. Sometimes it would run fast and smoothly but most of the time it would crash and would hang on me. I am already tired of this computer, if I could, I may already have thrown this in our window but I can’t because I still have so many pending task I need to do online. I know I need to buy another one but I also want to try this software, it says it can  Speed up computer, who knows this one could help my problem right now and I don’t have to buy another computer. I guess this software is affordable than of buying a new laptop. However, I need to have funds to purchase this software and even if I have to buy a laptop. Geez, why is it I always running out of funds lately? I wasn’t even able to buy myself anything new, I need to figure out what’s happening with my budget and expenses thus I can buy any extra especially of that software.

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