Bothered By This Grass In Our Little Garden

My car is always parked outside of our gate, I have to park it one ruler from the grills of our gate so it will not bother some motorists when they have to pass by in our street. I don’t have any choice though because our garage is too little even though my friend Joyce said it would still surely fit yet I don’t have the courage since I bumped into the wall and sides of our house way back when I tried to park our car there. Anyway it is not only me who is parking the car outside, my neighbors are doing it too so I am not that guilty. However the only thing that bothers me is the grass in the small pathway where we have our little garden just beside the car, some thorns always stick in my clothes whenever I have to do something in my car or just by opening it. I told my sister to hire someone to trim the grass or put it away, it has been months but she was still not able to hire somebody to take care of it. Until one night, when we came it was all gone. My sister finally did it; my niece said my sister was not able to hire someone so she did it herself. She trimmed all the grass and put those thorns away, so now I am free to come and go in my car without being very careful with those grass, no grass anymore in our little garden but just some green plants that survive even we don’t water it very often.

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