I Had A Nice Dinner At The Friend’s Friend House

Last night, Joyce’s friend invited her and I to go to her house,  actually this is the 2nd time that I went to visit to their house. My friend supposedly would escort her for driving but when we went to the house, the husband did not approve of her to drive at nighttime because she could not see the road, clearly. So we just stayed at their house for a while to have dinner. I am really impressed of how she is passionate with cooking her mashed potato is great. I don’t actually like mashed potato but last night I finished it all.

 They will move out soon, they will go abroad at the end of the month. Her husband is a British and lives here for a year now, this time they have to concentrate their business abroad. The food that we had helped me get through the night, my car overheats last night and it was draining to figure out what happen, good thing there are people around who are willing to help without asking in return. It was tiring, good thing my friend’s friend offered us a very sumptuous dinner. It paid my exhausting night.

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