My Tickler Is Lost!

I am back again of noting my expenses in a tickler so I can monitor my expenses daily but when we dropped by in the grocery store on our way home, the tickler was left near at where there drop box for a contest was placed.  We dropped there tonight because there’s an issue with my customer card when I renewed it on their store. I have to give the card back to the manager and I also need to drop the raffles I had from them. I didn’t realize that I put down my tickler somewhere near the pharmacy to drop those raffle coupons. I already messaged my niece who went to her classmate this afternoon to inquire regarding my tickler at the store. I need to have that so I can note my expenses for today.

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One Response to “My Tickler Is Lost!”

  1. kim says:

    uh-oh! that is so not good..