Trick Or Treat For The First Time

We were invited to join the trick or treat here in our village just the other day. My youngest already had a costume from the birthday party that she attended just this month so I don’t have to buy one for her, my only problem is my eldest then so I immediately hunt for her costume, she said she wanted a vampire costume but I could not find any that suits to her size. Good thing, I found the witch princess costume that exactly fits for her, she was so excited when she saw it in my shopping bags when I arrived home.

Yesterday, the kids were so excited to wear their costumes. My youngest daughter smiled with delight when sister Merlyn took her costumes out in the closet. I also prepared their pumpkin baskets and the candies that I am going to give them as soon as they and some other kids will stroll around.

They started strolling around 3:30 p.m., Faith never failed to say trick or treat, she was so cute with her pink fairy and Mj was still pretty with her black gown. (Please spare me I am the mom of these lovely kids LOL) After the trick or treat, the clubhouse has a program too for the kids; some kids danced the Gangnam style. Later Faith joined them in front. I was laughing she is really not shy to show off her cuteness. While Faith was in front, Mj was already comfortable sitting down in the chair watching her little sister dancing.

Mj almost won the costume contest but the Kamatayan prevails all. Yeah he deserves to win with the make up and the suit, he is but scary good thing though that the kids did not run away when they saw him.

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