Everything In This World Is Wonderful

I just bought a new Christmas tree for the family, I went out in the mall to hunt for a not so expensive but eye-catching Christmas tree.

When I went home just tonight, my youngest daughter keeps on saying ” I love Christmas” and she was amazed with the new Christmas tree. She bothers us always when Mj and I decorating it, I also took my little snowy village out and put it in our center table. Faith keeps on watching the snow and enjoyed listening to the music.

My youngest daughter is the typical kid’o who loves snow, who believes that Christmas always brings magic and who dreamed that Santa would come to her with the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Sometimes I want to be just like her, simply believes that everything in this world is wonderful.

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One Response to “Everything In This World Is Wonderful”

  1. papaleng says:

    To kids Christmas is everything. Gaano ka laki ang new Christmas Tree mo?