My Faith’s Day Today

Faith poo was watery the other morning and she said her stomach was hurting her but after I put Efficascent oil on her tummy, the pain was gone. She was able to go to school without any problem at all, the hurting started again when she went back from school. I prepared her french fries for snack, after I put one plate on the table I went out for a while to buy some fish.

When I arrived home, I saw her on the couch lying down; I asked my sister Merlyn what happened to her, my sister said that she might just get tired of running around. My sister feed her but Faith told her she want to sleep but before she went to bed, she pooed again and this time it is more watery. She fell asleep with an empty stomach after two hours she woke up with stomach-ache; she pressed her tummy so hard. I was not able to sleep because this time she vomited already.

Yesterday morning, I dragged Faith to her Paediatrician for check-up, she still felt so weak in the taxi cab. She just lean in my sister’s arm and she keep on asking for water. There are few customers at the clinic so we were called immediately, Faith sat in a chair while talking to her Doctor, this time I could see her smiling already. We were asked to buy Vometa, Hydrite Reformulated, Zinc and Hydrasic, Faith looks so happy when we went out from the clinic, we bought the Vometa right away so she can start her meal after 30 minutes.

I promised her for some rides if she would eat her lunch, and she ate it all. I know she was already so hungry because she did not eat anything at dinner and breakfast but we can’t feed her too much because she might throw up again. She had a wonderful 4 rides after the last one, I also treat her in Wonderland, she run and run and slide and slide and made some friends too. I thank GOD that she is feeling okay now, we went home after I bought a router for the house.

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