New Closet And Study Table

The closet of Mj has been long damaged, all the doors were not attached to the closet anymore and it could not be repair. So I looked for a shop that built furniture and stuffs the other week, I choose shops and not mall because the furniture from mall are usually not durable at all.   Somebody told me that a shop sells furniture with affordable prices nearby. One day ago, I stroll the area and viola I found one; I was even able to ask the in-charge to lower the price, in which he said yes. I was able to deal him with a good price, I told my husband about it and he wired me the money after a day or two. Now the kids are even happier with their new huge closet, I also bought Mj a new study table since she will have tutor here at home. She is actually waiting for her instructor now so they could start the lesson.

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