Still Busy On November 1

Today is November 1, and this is the day to visit our love one’s in the cemetery. It has been a year that I was not able to visit my Dad, the last visit was on November 1 from last year. I know that we keep on passing by at that memorial park on our way home from the training but geez, it is too dark to visit because we will passed by there before 10:00 p.m.

I supposed to shop yesterday for the ingredients of Biko or rice cake, I told my sister to cook a rice cake so we can bring it at the cemetery. It has been always this way, when my father was still alive; we brought not only rice cake at my mother’s tomb but my Mom’s entire favorite. They said, when you leave the foods on top of the tomb, they would be full by smelling on it. I am not sure if that is true but it has been the talk of the old folks, so we are just following it.

So today, I have to go out to buy some ingredients and to grocery shop as well, we don’t have wet foods inside our freezer anymore. I am just waiting here for my sister to arrive so she can watch the kids while I am driving myself to the mall. I might bring my niece so she can help me carrying some grocery bags, I miss my Mom and Dad but we can only visit my Dad’s tomb because my Mom’s, was buried in the province, 8 hours travel from here to be exact.

This supposed to be a stay home agenda before heading to the cemetery but in my case, resting is not the option. Yes I am still busy in November 1.

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