Visited My Dad’s Tomb

November 1 is always the right time to visit if you haven’t visited your love one’s from the previous month. I know we can visit them very often as long as we want it but they said November 1 and November 2 are always their day, they would expect you to visit them and mingle with them by whispering a prayer and spend with them for like a half day or hours.


My sister and my kids

My family and I went to visit our Dad’s tomb on November 2 because I believe there will be many people who would stay overnight in the cemetery, not to mention the huge crowd there, it would be hard for me to run the car inside the cemetery near my Dad’s tomb or worst I could not take the car at all. And besides, we know that at nighttime, it would rain even though we didn’t hear the news for a weather forecast. It always rain at night on November 1, we experienced that a number of times already.

So we went on November 2, I thought there will be no huge crowd anymore but I was wrong, although at least lesser than of yesterday. We spent until before the sky gets dark, we offered a holy rosary to my father and we put a rice cake and butterscotch on the top of the tombstone. It is always in the culture to offer some foods on top of the tomb, they won’t eat it that’s for sure but they said they would smell and get full with the smell of the foods.


My Family

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