Music For My Daughter This Month

Sigh! I still didn’t enrol my daughter for guitar lesson and she is already so itchy about it since I promised to her as soon as she quits her swimming, I would enrol her immediately this month. But every Saturday I get too busy that sending her to the music studio in the city is just so hard to accomplish, I hope I can do it next Saturday. But even I did not enrol her yet; I am now starting to look for nice guitar for her in the mall last Saturday. My friend suggested that if I would buy a guitar for my daughter I should bring her teacher or someone who is expert on guitar, which reminds me of jazzmaster at Musician’s Friend, I am certain I will never go wrong when I checked those items on their site. My husband liked the idea, and if I could picked one that’s best for my daughter, he said that he will just be the one to send it to me or bring it himself, I’d like the second idea though but the question is when he could come as he said he is quiet busy with work this month and I have to sigh again!

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