My House Has Two Visitors Today

I am so surprised that this house has visitors today; in fact I received 2 guests today. My friend Genny who is a blogger informed me that her Internet is not working at all and yet she still have so many things she needs to write. Of course, I invited her in since we won’t go out this day. In a moment later, she arrived with her laptop, and in a bit we hooked it up with my router. We were already busied ourselves writing when I received a message from my friend that she wanted to dropped by at home because she sent her car to the shop nearby. So instead of getting busy with my blog, I went up to her and together we finished 3 bottles of coke while talking with our whereabouts, it has been a while since Joyce and I were not able to hear our whereabouts, and today is rare to happen so instead of getting myself busy with my task, I talked to my friend non-stop. It was good for Genny because she was able to concentrate without me bugging her to chitchats.

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