50% Off In Mandaue Foam

My sister just went to her friend’s house near here to check what happen to their friend who just died last year. Upon their chit chats, you know how girls are hopping from a certain topic to another topic right? Her friend uttered that she got her couch for 50% off from Mandaue Foam. The original price of her couch is P19,000.00 now she only got it for P8,000.00.  My sister then told me the news when she got home, it is tempting ya know but I still have so many things I need to prioritize before I can buy another couch not to mention that our plate’s rack, its door is busted already just last night when Mariel is putting the plates inside from the sink. The plastic door has already cracked before it really gave up. The bugs now have a big chance to get inside the rack and definitely will leave some bacteria in the plates. But I am not sure if I would buy another rack or have it repair but with a plastic door, I think it will not be repair at all. I’ll just wait for another funds for it.

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