New BBQ And Rice Cooker For The New Year

I have to thank my husband for giving me enough funds on New Year because I was able to buy a BBQ grill and a new rice cooker to be used for cooking on New Year. Geez, this post reminds me that I need to hide the BBQ grill under our sink because it has been in the yard since New Year. Anyway, yes we could already grill pork BBQ so on and so forth because finally I decided to buy one. The rice cooker was also busted for a long time already, I’d been trying to buy one the last few months but I just don’t have enough funds to purchase it, our rice is always over cooked because the switch is not functioning at all.  When I finally bought it, I was so contented and so happy, my daughter and niece were also glad that we finally have a new rice cooker, they don’t have to guard it just not to overcooked the rice, now since its new the switch would automatically goes up to warm. No rice that would overcooked now.

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