Out Of My Lazy Day I Was Able To Pay My Bill

There are really times that I don’t want to go out at home just like today. Yes, I supposed to go out early today to go to PLDT to find out if they already have service in one of the subdivision I looked to but I was not able to do that because I got lazy. I stayed and wasted my time watching TV in our abode and I just got up and drag myself to the bathroom because I need to fetch my eldest daughter so she can attend her Kumon session. While I was there at Kumon instead of going out to the gym I find myself hooking up a game in my cellphone so the gym class was cancelled. I got tired after but Mj was still not finished, so I tried to get up from the bench and I went out in the mall to at least do something useful. I fall in line in the payment service for house bills in SM. Good thing I saw my sky cable bill in my bag and thought I will not be guilty at all being lazy the whole day by paying my sky cable bill.

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