The Three Becomes Four, Our Family Picture

This is our family picture long time ago so you see Mj was still so little and Mariel at that time was graduating in Elementary. Obviously I was so thin yet. I always love this picture; we were able to have a picture of us three. We were roaming around the mall at that time when I thought it would be a good idea to go to a studio and have our family picture. Now, below the three becomes four.

This was taken recently during New Year; my sister was the one who took this picture. As I mentioned above the three becomes 4 now and they are growing up. Nobody expect that Mj would be taller; everyone thought she’s petite or small. Mariel is getting chubbier, I hope she would be able to control her intake and will take care of her health. Faith, is becoming so talkative but witty.

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